Twist & Puff Glass Blunt
Twist & Puff Glass Blunt
Twist & Puff Glass Blunt
Twist & Puff Glass Blunt
Twist & Puff Glass Blunt
Twist & Puff Glass Blunt

Twist & Puff Glass Blunt

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Puff the magic dragon in a brand new way!

Time to join the paperless paradise! Our Twist & Puff Glass Blunt features 5 chambers that hold your favorite herbs up to 1 gram. You can now easily enjoy long gentle pulls anytime and anywhere for you and friends.

With easy 3-step application, simply load, twist, and puff. First, load the herbs in the tube, twist the screw counter-clockwise, then light the end and puff! To ash your burned out herb, twist the screw clockwise and it will push the ash out the end of the tube. 

Specially designed to eliminate the need to re-light, you won't ever have to light your blunt every time you take a hit. The cool-puff technology also allows for a cooler and smoother feeling as you use, giving you the most unique smoking experience.

  • Paperless Puffing:
    Our glass blunt removes paper entirely from the process, it features 5 chambers that hold your favorite herbs up to 1 gram. You can now easily enjoy long gentle pulls anytime and anywhere for you and friends.
  • Easy To Use:
    Load the herbs in the tube, twist the screw counter-clockwise. As it twists its way into the tube, the weed will automatically wrap around the screw. After that, light the end and puff the magic dragon!
  • Effortless Cleaning:
    To ash your burned out herb, twist the screw clockwise and it will push the ash out the end of the tube.
  • Premium Quality:
    Made with thick and top-quality German-Schott Glass, this mini glass blunt is super durable and won't easily break. 
  • Save For Later:
    Can’t finish all herbs at one time? Simply put the caps on and store for the next session.
  • On-The-Go Enjoyment:
    With the pocket mini size which is easy to store, you can bring it anywhere and anytime to enjoy every puff.
  • Water-Pipe Compatible:
    This mini glass blunt can also fit into a 14mm Female joint, so it is made compatible with water pipes and bongs with a 14mm female joint.


  • Size: 85 x 17 mm
  • Color: Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Black, Aurora


  • 1pc x Twist & Puff Glass Tube
  • 1pc x O-Ring
  • 1pc x Cleaning Brush
  • 1pc x Silicone Cap

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