Fit Plus Skin Tightening Spray
Fit Plus Skin Tightening Spray
Fit Plus Skin Tightening Spray
Fit Plus Skin Tightening Spray

Fit Plus Skin Tightening Spray

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Before we introduce our product,
Let's look at the feedbacks of our satisfied customers!


“I’ve been using this product for a month now, I sprayed it on my thighs and butt area every night before I go to sleep, you wouldn’t believe this- this product works amazing! After 4 weeks, I can see visible improvements on my skin- my thighs are tighter than ever! Now I have legs like a teenage girl. I feel confident in wearing shorts again!”

Belinda Mosby
San Diego, California

“This spray works unbelievably great. I am suuuuper happy and satisfied with this product because in just 5 weeks, my cellulite and dimples were disappearing, the skin my legs and butt become softer, tighter and slimmer. Most importantly, my booty looks so FULL! Everyone who saw my change asked what my secret formula is.”

Lily Stinson
Brooklyn, New York

Formulated with 4 Key Natural Ingredients to Eliminate Fats and Cellulites:

  • Wild Hawthorn
  • Mother Chrysanthemum
  • Rhubarb Palmatum
  • Rhizome Coptidis

  • Wild Hawthorn is proven effective in controlling high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Our wild hawthorn essence penetrates deep into the skin and targets cellulite cells. Both animal and human studies suggest applying hawthorn to your skin increases coronary artery blood flow, improves circulation and lowers blood pressure. In one study, applying hawthorn essence on skin caused a 60% reduction in cellulite cells and resulting a smoother skin and slimmer body.

  • Mother Chrysanthemum contains a rich content of vitamin A which is a crucial antioxidant. In a study in 2020, it is proven that mother chrysanthemum can reduce the signs of aging by 85%, including wrinkles and blemishes, tightening loose skin. The natural antioxidant content is why Dr. Walz recommends this spray to anyone looking for a non-irritating and safe alternative.

  • Rhubarb Palmatum and Rhizome Coptidis are both famous herbal ingredients commonly used in oriental medicine. Early research suggested rhubarb palmatum can reduce total cholesterol and low-density lipoprotein, which is the ‘bad’ cholesterol built up in our arteries. While rhizome coptidis contains alkaloids such as berberine, cortisone and palmatine which exerts cardioprotective activity through its anti-atherosclerotic effect, lipid-lowering effect and anti-obesity effect. These ingredients are proven in studies to makes your skin firmer in weeks, retaining original skin elasticity, acting as a natural skin plumper.

What makes the Fit Plus Skin Tightening Spray special?

  • Formulated with all organic ingredients.
  • Prevents future fat and cellulite reoccurrence.
  • 5X boosting effect than other similar products.
  • Scientifically proven on eliminating cellulite cells.
  • Retain elasticity and tightness of skin.

Jenny’s journey with the Fit Plus Skin Tightening Spray in 20 days