Electric Fly Trap
Electric Fly Trap
Electric Fly Trap
Electric Fly Trap
Electric Fly Trap

Electric Fly Trap

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Product description

  • 【Easily trap flies】Use cheap sugar as bait, you can quickly catch hundreds of flies. Interesting and interesting to watch. Includes a pack of bait. Do not use hard food as bait.
  • 【Best place to use】Ideal for kitchens, farms and kennels. Since it is not waterproof, please put it indoors and make sure there is a power outlet. USB interface to connect power.
  • 【Capture principle】Place sugar water or soft crumbs of food in the five bait stations located on the trap. When the flies are feasting, the rotating arm sweeps over them to trap them inside. They fly into the collection tray where they die after a few days. Unplug the red stopper on the bottom to empty tray.
  • 【Safe use】Environmentally friendly, safe and does not use chemicals to catch flies. Use physical methods to catch flies.
  • 【Note】If the fly is not interested in the bait, you can add some vinegar or sugar or fishy smell to attract the flies.

Voltage: 220/240V
Frequency: 50/620HZ
Product size: 27.9*2.8in

Use method:
1. Spread the bait on the 5 grooves (Please do not use hard objects as bait).
2. Connect the power and turn on the switch.
3. The fly is attracted by the bait and transferred into the box by the rotating plate.
4. Remove the fly trap box and clean.

Package includes:
➤1 x Fly Trap Device
➤1 x USB Cable Without Plug